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In The News: 'The workers who are worried their jobs will not exist in 10 years'

Published on 31 Oct 2017


Our International Chief Executive and Director Dr Robert Cooke and Shaun McCarthy talk to about managing job insecurity within organisations due to the future of new technologies and the idea of robots taking over jobs. 


SOME workers feel safer about their futures than others but the idea of robots taking over jobs is front of mind across all industries.

Staff may feel more secure knowing their job requires human interaction, meaningful relationships or high levels of creativity, all of which are difficult to replicate with technology.

Independent research conducted on behalf of SEEK reveals workers in healthcare and medical roles are least worried about technology changing the way they work, with 92 per cent believing their job will still exist in a decade.

Those in Government and defence roles (91 per cent) and education and training roles (87 per cent) also are confident.

At the other end of the spectrum, the most worried workers are those in call centres and customer service, as 40 per cent do not expect their job to exist in 10 years.

About one in three procurement, manufacturing and transport service workers (30 per cent) and a quarter of administration and office support workers (23 per cent) also feel insecure.

Human Synergistics International chief executive and director Rob Cooke says strong worker morale and company culture can alleviate worries about job insecurity when new technology is introduced...
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