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In The News: 'Leadership takes a team'

Published on 31 Oct 2017


Our consultant Neil McGregor talks to the New Zealand Herald about the outcome of this years research showing that New Zealand leaders tend to be less constructive and more defensive, to other leaders around the world and in order for CEO's to improve, their key will be to embrace a commitment to change.


According to leadership consultants Human Synergistics, who have been operating in New Zealand since 1979, Kiwi CEO's are underperforming and could be doing more to lead local businesses to better outcomes.

Human Synergistics' leadership consultant Neil McGregor says the most interesting and important outcome from his years of research is that New Zealand leaders tend to be less constructive and effective and in general more defensive than leaders he has measured around the rest of the world.

"Our data indicates quite clearly that more constructive individuals who focus on achievable goals, share their thoughts and opinions and support and encourage their people are rated significantly higher (at 38%) more effective in both task and interpersonal effectiveness," says McGregor, "rather than those relying on defensive behaviours, such as being overly concerned with status, avoiding conflict or set unrealistic goals." Click here to read more