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Sam O'Brien - You Have To Stay True To Your Purpose

Published on 13 Oct 2017

The One Thing I Wish Everyone Knew About Culture: "You Have To Stay True To Your Purpose"

Trying to build a constructive and intrinsically motivating culture isn't easy. There were many moments of doubt… but Sam has a strong personal purpose and a belief in a better way to lead. Staying true to his purpose, he maintained the course and turned the corner on both culture and the results. Now he wants to help you do the same.

Sam is is a retail manager with over 15 years' experience across large organisations. As an Area Manager at JB Hifi, he is responsible for over 300 staff, and almost $180m in turnover per annum. Passionate about leadership development and creating a highly engaged workplace he has a keen focus on nurturing high performance, culture shift, and linking business goals with purpose.