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2019 Conference

21st Annual Culture Conference 2019

Getting Culture Right. Insights from Real World Experience.
Our 2019 Getting Culture Right conference was about clearing up confusion in the market and going beyond the buzzword of "Culture Change". Our speakers shared their real-life insights and journeys as to how they have built constructive cultures through effective leadership and the rewarding impact on the organisation’s performance.

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20th Annual Culture Conference 2018

Our 2018 “That's Culture“ conference had an awesome line up of speakers who demonstrated an undeniable link between culture and performance, the impact leaders have, and how culture change requires courage and commitment.

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19th Annual Culture Conference 2017

What's the one thing you wish everyone knew about culture? That was the question we asked the speakers at the 19th Annual Australian Conference on Culture and Leadership and they had a fantastic range of stories, insights, and ideas to answer it.

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18th Annual Culture Conference 2016

Leaders have a big influence on shaping the Culture inside their organisations, but how is the Culture shaping them? At this year’s conference our speakers explored the two way street between Leadership and Culture. The speakers shared insights from research and personal stories.

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2015 Conference

17th Annual Culture Conference 2015

Business Done Better. How Culture is giving us the edge. This year we focused on businesses who have truly integrated culture and leadership into their organisations. Our client speakers discussed how to challenge conventional wisdom and build mindsets around the role of culture in supporting business growth, risk management and long-term sustainability. Each speaker showcased the critical role constructive cultures and effective leadership play in achieving strategic business outcomes.

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16th Annual Culture Conference 2014

If Culture is the answer, what is the question? we explore the theme through three case studies; One of renewal, one of adaptation and one of growth. In each case the organisation identified specific needs they believe required a different way of leading and motivating people in order to achieve their strategic direction.

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