by Admin User | Feb 29, 2016

Having successfully risen through the ranks in several organisations, a senior manager was tired of the mediocrity, bureaucracy, lack of time to do things properly and the conventional approach to managing people. He wanted to be able to run his own ship, a ship where he had the autonomy and flexibility to be with his young family.


The challenge was to build a successful and sustainable business that was not only defined by ‘what’ was delivered to the client, but one that was sought out by clients because of ‘how’ the results were delivered. This brought CEO, Kym Williams’ attention to the importance of culture.

“Having built a business on the belief that what gets measured gets improved, the opportunity to measure our culture and leadership effectiveness with Human Synergistics was appealing. The OCI® and OEI tools give us the detail we need to move our business forward by focusing on the cause of what’s happening rather than the symptoms. And gaining insight into my own leadership strategies through the Leadership/Impact was powerful in helping me understand the impact I was having on our effectiveness as a business.”


The immediate goal of BRS (originally Business + Risk Solutions) was to fill a niche in the local market, advising businesses through highlighting the connection between the ‘task’ and the ‘people’ approach to doing business. This involved developing a specific offering delivered through a conscious application of Constructive and effective behaviours to achieve success. Success for BRS would be measured on the ability of the business to develop Constructive habits that would deliver exceptional business results.


The courageous decision of the directors to stay true to the tenet of why they established BRS paid off emotionally and financially. The results from the 2012 re-measure (Figure 1.2) showed a performance improvement in outcomes. There was a 31% reduction in role conflict, where members felt that they weren’t receiving conflicting messages regarding what was expected of them, a 20% decrease in stress levels and a 5% increase in motivation, satisfaction and role clarity. Comparatively, Articulation of Mission improved by 5%, Customer Service Focus improved by 10% and Task Identity improved by 4%.

Diagnostic Tools Organisational Culture Inventory® (OCI) (Preferred and Actual), Organisational Effectiveness Inventory™ (OEI), Life Styles Inventory™ 1&2 (LSI) and Leadership/Impact® (L/I)

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