Professional Development Event Details

Professional Development Details

Below are the details of the event you selected!We make a commitment to continuously develop and support our Accredited Practitioner community, through a range of development events and opportunities.

Below are the details of the event you selected!

LSI: Value of Self

Start Date04 Dec 2024 9:00 AM
End Date04 Dec 2024 1:00 PM
Closing Date22 Nov 2024
VenuePlease note that registrations for this event close Friday 22nd November 2024, 5:00pm AEDT.
You will receive a calendar invite to the email you have registered with detailing the Zoom meeting details and further information.
NotesIn this session you will have an opportunity to complete your own LSI 1 and to better understand its meaning in terms of how you speak to yourself. How do you expect yourself to behave in order to be ‘worthwhile’? We will approach this in terms of a metaphor which sees the ‘adult’ you in relationship to the ‘child’ you.

You will also be encouraged to take a Rational Emotive approach in looking at the items you have used to describe yourself. Do your descriptions of yourself assist or hinder you? What is the gain? What is the cost? Is your self-description accurate? Do you want it to be so? Would you like it to be different? Can you change?

You will learn the language of positive regard for yourself and the best way to achieve peace and joy in your life as well as the outcomes you want. It is also a chance to be reminded of the style you are most likely to default to in times of stress and to get a gauge on how things are for you in the here and now.

This workshop will be of most value to those who didn’t have Lorraine as a facilitator for their foundation workshop. Also, those who have been monitoring their self-talk since their Foundations Workshop and are interested in seeing if there is a difference between then and now.

In the workshop, participants will not interact with each other until the end, it is a chance to spend time with oneself in a guided exploration.

Materials for this session will be sent to you prior to the session. In this workshop you will be able to redo your LSI 1 and be guided in understanding it and what it means in terms of your relationship with yourself.

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