GSI Real-Time Feedback

Introducing: The Group Styles Inventory™ with Real Time Feedback. 

Online, from any device, with instant results.

Teams can get stuck in a cycle of ineffective behaviours: working against rather than with each other, busting instead of building ideas, discussions that go around in circles, nodding in agreement with a decision but not following through with action.

The Group Styles Inventory™ surfaces the team’s patterns of behaviour in a non-judgmental - data driven - way and enables them to have the conversation that truly matters: how are we performing?

The Real Time Feedback portal lets teams complete the Group Styles Inventory™ online, from any device, and receive their results instantly.  Participants receive access to the digital development guide and their team's progress can be tracked over time.

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I'm Accredited and Want to Learn More

If you're accredited in the Life Styles Inventory™ (LSI) then you're accredited to use the Group Styles Inventory™ (GSI) too. Access resources and videos to refresh your GSI knowledge, debriefing confidence, and get a free trial of the new Real Time Feedback system.

GSI in my Organisation

I'm Interested in Using GSI in my Organisation

If your organisation needs teams that work together effectively, generate superior solutions, and follow through with action - contact us. We can help them to have the conversations that matter using the Group Styles Inventory™ with Real Time Feedback. 

Instant Results

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